Mr Bluescrubs is Back

After a brief hiatus while we move the store over to a new platform and hosting provider, Mr Bluescrubs is back.

Mr Bluescrubs on HolidayWhile we’ve been busy setting up his new home, Mr Bluescrubs has enjoyed a bit of a holiday, taking a trip to the Isle Of Wight with a friend of his. He’s also been to Newcastle on a day out and we’ll upload some photos of that later 🙂

Anyway, he’s back now and he’s looking forward to helping you with your nursing, paramedic or medical studies if you’re a student or to keeping your CPD notes safe if you’re already a registered healthcare professional.

But he doesn’t stop there – even if you’re not needing to store your CPD notes he can store music or photos or other documents. There’s really no limit (except for the size of storage!) to the things he can store for you and he’s really very portable.

Being a USB2.0 device he’s also quite fast (not as fast as a USB3 device of course) but certainly he’s fast enough for most people’s everyday use. Check him out on the shop – USB Novelty Doctor, Nurse or ODP

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